Call for Abstracts

Abstract registration period

October 18, 2011 (Tuesday) − noon, December 1, 2011 (Thursday)
                 noon, December 7, 2011(Wednesday)


Presenters and co-authors must be members of the Japanese Society of Child Neurology (JSCN). Non-members are kindly requested to complete admission procedures early, as membership registration may take some time.

To become a member, apply to: Japanese Society of Child Neurology
Meditopia Nukebenten5F,9-4 Yochomachi,Shinjuku,Tokyo
162-0055 JAPAN
* The membership number is the five-digit series (for regular members) printed on the bottom right of the Brain & Development journal’s address label. Individuals without membership numbers who are currently in the admission process are requested to enter 99999 to register their abstracts. Temporary members should enter 88888 for registration.
* The names of authors who have not completed the procedures necessary for admission will be deleted from the program. New members are requested to check their membership numbers. Those wishing to become JSCN members from fiscal 2012 (April 2012 onward) are requested to enter 9999 (the number for individuals currently in the admission process) for abstract registration, as their membership numbers will not be issued before the abstract submission deadline.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

All abstracts must satisfy the criteria below.
@Abstracts must not infringe on the JSCN code of ethics.(For more information, please visit the JSCN website.)
AAbstracts must not have been published or submitted for presentation to JSCN or any other national or international meeting. (This does not apply to cases in which abstracts have been published at sessions of study groups sponsored by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare or similar.)
BAbstracts of presentations dealing with new examinations/treatments must include information on the securement of informed consent and/or ethics committee/institutional review board approval.
CDisclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)
Starting with this conference, principal presenters are obliged to disclose information about any potential conflict of interest (COI) they may have (e.g., allowances for considerations such as side businesses, lecture fees, manuscript fees, research funds (incl. scholarship endowments) or provision of manpower) with companies or commercial organizations related to products or other items included in the research concerned.
Details of principal presenter Conflict of Interest (COI) and the Principal Presenter Conflict of Interest (COI) Self-Assessment Form
Web information on JSCN’s COI policy

Forms of presentation

■Oral presentation<Open>
・Please choose “Oral presentation” if video clips will be used during the presentation.
■English Session
Presenters are requested to make presentations in English. Abstract and presentation data should also be in English. Presenters of selected abstracts will be recognized as Nominees of the English Session. Three presenters will be selected for the superior Trillium Award by a process of screening from among the Nominees of the English Session.
* Decisions on abstract selection and presentation styles are at the discretion of the Program Committee.
* The code of ethics should be followed if images of patients are used.
■Poster presentations
There will be a poster exhibition in the poster session room at which authors will give outlines of their posters. The time allocated for each presentation is three minutes (please be punctual) with up to five slides; no question-and-answer session will be held. After the poster presentations, a free discussion session will be held in the poster exhibition area.
<<Outstanding Young Researcher Poster Award>>
Prizes (Lilac Award) will be awarded for outstanding poster by young researcher. Award winner will be selected on the day of the poster exhibition based on the presentations given, and the results will be announced on the second day of the conference. The winner will be presented with their prizes at a reception.
【How to apply】Individuals wishing to participate in the poster exhibition should choose “Apply” in the poster presentation section on the abstract registration page.
【Eligibility】Applicants must be aged 40 years or younger as of May 17, 2012, when the conference will be held.

Abstract registration

(1) Registration conditions
・ The title should be no more than 100 characters, including spaces.
・ The abstract should be no more than 1,500 characters for the English Session.
・ Up to 14 co-authors and 10 affiliations may be registered.
・ Charts/diagrams may not be registered.
(2) Abstract categories
Please select two categories in decreasing order of relevance to your abstract from those listed below.
The Program Committee will screen submissions based on these categories.
* Categories are subject to change by the Program Committee based on the number of submissions received.
1 malformation, chromosomal abnormality
developmental disorder / general
developmental disorder / examination
developmental disorder / conductive education and support
cerebral palsy / conductive education
learning disorder
psychiatric disorder, behavioral disorder
10 autonomic nerve, headache
11 epilepsy, seizure
12 electrophysiology (EEG, EMG, MEG etc.,)
13 imaging
14 genetics
15 metabolic, degenerative disorder
16 peripheral nerve
17 muscle
18 tumor
19 vascular disorder
20 neurosurgery
21 acute encephalitis / encephalopathy
22 infectious, immunological disease
(excluding acute encephalitis / encephalopathy)
23 morphology, pathology
24 intoxication
25 involuntary movement, basal ganglia
26 others

(3) Abstract guidelines
a. Abstracts should cover aims, methods, results and the conclusion, and should be written in concrete terms to clarify the intent of the presentation.
b. Affiliations should be written in the official notation, and should include the names of medical departments/academic units.
c. However, corporate statuses (such as those of independent administrative institutions and medical corporations), names of medical faculties, graduate schools of medicine, classes and job names should be omitted.
(e.g., Pediatrics Department of ___ University Hospital, Developmental Pediatrics Department of ___ University Graduate School, General Clinical Department of ___ Hospital) d. Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3…) and Christian-era years should be used.
e. Foreign terms, except for those in German and proper nouns, should be written in lower case except at the beginning of sentences. Names of people, chemicals and places should be written in the original language.
f. Terms used should conform to Shoni Shinkeigaku Yogoshu (lit. “Child neurology glossary”), revised 3rd edition (published in 2010).
(4) Notification of abstract acceptance
Submitters will be notified of abstract acceptance or rejection via email not later than January 31. The times, dates and sessions of presentations will be announced in due course via email or on this website.

Abstract registration

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